Oil and Gas

IHF have worked in the Oil & Gas sector in Aberdeen for nearly 6 years with large operators such as Nexen, BP and Maersk Oil. Our approach to control of work has adopted a Human System Integration (HSI) approach with a focus on simplification, removal of ambiguity and with maximised user friendliness. This is key in reducing opportunities for human error. IHF’s work in O&G concentrates on the application of HF methodologies and techniques in:

  • Control of work processes
  • Fatigue
  • Integration of safety and business critical software systems
  • Human-machine interface
  • Behavioural safety training


Fatigue is an increasingly important performance-shaping factor in the UKCS, particularly because of changes in risk profiles. IHF provide a comprehensive approach to fatigue management through:

  • Training
  • Providing fatigue-reducing equipment
  • Identifying and plugging any gaps in existing fatigue management strategies
Our training ranges from HF awareness courses, including e-learning, to bespoke offerings for senior management, and specialist offerings such as conflict resolution and teamwork/leadership training.

Sustainment concentrates on training, refined by customer feedback and investigation of near-misses and incidents from an HF perspective.

Courses and Training

We at IHF can help your business in many different ways. We have extensive knowledge in many different parts of the oil and gas industry, here are a few of our most popular courses and training alternatives

Introduction to Human Factors

Introductory course for Human Factors and how they can impact your work.
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Situational Awareness

We guide you through a number of SA hazard risks and how to recognise them.
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Human Dynamics Training

Reduce human error, increase reliability and harness the collective power of a team with with our Human Dynamics Training.
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Risk Assessment Team Leader

The RATL course is aimed at experienced risk assessors, to enable participants to preside over better semi-quantitative risk assessments.
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Our military background enables us to approach leadership issues with an unparalleled ability to deliver powerful and impactful leadership training to an exceptionally high standard.

We use a competency-based approach to training that has delivered tangible improvements to the leadership capabilities of a number of organisations within the Oil & Gas sector. Competency - particularly within an industry such as Oil & Gas - is critical in reducing the opportunities for human error and consequently lowering organisational risk. Pivotal to achieving this is the existence and continued development of competent leaders whilst respecting and incorporating existing organisational, professional and national cultures.

Having been leaders themselves, IHF’s leadership trainers have proven experience of leading teams decisively and effectively in both high pressure and routine military and business environments. This provides you with reassurance regarding the authenticity and value of the leadership training being delivered.

Control of Major Accident Hazards

“COMAH operators may choose to draw on external, competent support to help inform and direct certain aspects of HF integration (e.g. a Chartered Ergonomist or a Chartered Human Factors Specialist accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors). This is acceptable, provided the COMAH operator maintains an effective intelligent customer capability. In any event, COMAH establishments should aim to secure local ownership of key HF standards and their implementation. This will usually involve the introduction of measures to develop and maintain a suitable level of ‘in-house’ HF expertise (either at the establishment, or via a central/corporate HF support function).”

- HSE Human Factors COMAH Delivery Guide
At IHF we draw upon our considerable experience in safety-critical operations in both military and civilian settings where tight tolerances and situational awareness are vital. Our work in Oil & Gas and Aviation have honed our ability to locate where humans are most vulnerable within a system. Our certified ergonomists are ready to assist you in keeping your people and your operation safe and compliant. HF assessment also helps organisations streamline and improve their processes proactively and can make a measurable improvement to overall efficiency and productivity.

We are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.


If you have any questions about human factors and what we can do for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us.